Updated 15th December 2021

 To all our Valued Members, 

As per the Government’s announcement, Auckland has moved to the ‘traffic light’ system on 2nd December 2021 at 11.59pm beginning at RED level. Auckland will move into the ORANGE level on 30 Dec 2021. 

This means that as a Sport, Recreation and Hospitality venue, we were able to re-open under the RED level by using vaccine certificate scanning/sighting on entry and ensuring 1 metre physical distancing indoors in the clubrooms. At the ORANGE level the only difference is the removal of a 100 person numbers limit and the removal of physical distancing restrictions. 

The Howick Tennis Club will be adopting the new protection framework whereby only Vaccinated members will have full access to the facilities and may enter the club rooms. The Unvaccinated members will only have access to the courts to play. The clubrooms, deck and the picnic bench will be inaccessible. The toilets and the use of Court lights will also remain out of bounds for all Unvaccinated members. 

This policy will enable the club to remain open and serve as many of you as safely as we can. If we were not to be part of the framework, our ability to function viably would be severely compromised; and members’ use of our facilities would be heavily restricted. It is not a decision taken lightly, but as a club we need to operate within the framework provided by the government. It enables Howick Tennis Club to meet the Health and Safety obligations towards the membership and staff. 

It is very important that members, guests and visitors have the ability to display their vaccine pass in an authorised format at the club when requested; entry will be declined if this is not possible. Children under 12 years of age are not required to show a My Vaccine Pass along with members having an official exemption which needs to be provided to the club and have full access to the facilities. 

Please bear with us in the initial stages of the new framework, as we try and adapt systems to make your entry to the club, as smooth and easy as possible. 

The policy will be reviewed as per sector requirements as and when required. 

Yours sincerely, 

The Howick Tennis Club Committee