Dear members,

We would like to invite the membership to take up the Ball Machine Hire for $100 per household. It will run as per the calendar year commencing Jan 2023 to Dec 2023. You will be issued a key to be able to access the machine. Payments can be made directly to Club bank account 12-3040-0438780-00 and put your name and ball machine as reference please.

The club committee has decided to offer this with effect from November 2022 onwards and will remain valid till Dec 2023.

Please take time to go through the guidelines attached.

The hire is for a maximum of 1hr at a time so as not to heat up the machine.

It would be a good idea to get trained to use the ball machine from someone who has already attended the training.

Please fill out the book with your name, contact details and time of hire for the club to maintain a record. Also please put down any comments if required.

Spinshot Player Plus 2 Quick Guide


Do not use when it is raining or wet, or with wet balls.

Do not reach or look into the ball exit hole without first turning the main power off, and only after both wheels have come to a complete stop.

Do not stand closer than 10m in front of the machine when the power is on.

Do not place balls or foreign objects into the ball hopper while the feeder tray is moving.

Drill Maker App (both iPhones and Android)

Download the Drill Maker App for Spinshot Player model Plus-2

Connect your phone to the ball machine’s wifi network. Select and connect to USR-xxx in wiFi settings before using the remote app.

Apple watch can be used to operate the machine. Load the app to your Apple Watch.

Turn the ball machine power switch on and wait for the machine to stop the sideways initialization rotations.

To start, press the PLAY button on the machine.

Connect your phone to the ball machine’s wifi (press CONNECT button on the app).

Select the Manual button on App, or select the Custom Drill you wish to use.

Manual Mode: Press the manual mode button and manually adjust the settings.

Adjustable settings are:  spin, height, speed and feed rate

The Custom Drills are a sequence of 6 balls which can each be individually customized:

The custom drills list are:

  1. Flat ball (no spin)
  2. Top spin
  3. Back spin
  4. Backhand – sends balls to right hander’s backhand side
  5. Forehand – sends balls to right hander’s forehand side
  6. Narrow 2-line – sends balls alternating left and right, reasonably central
  7. Wide 2-line – sends balls alternating wide to each sideline
  8. Lob – good for smashing practice
  9. Net to baseline – a short ball followed by a deep ball
  10. Random Horizontal – balls come randomly left and right
  11. Random height – randomly from low to high, including lobs
  12. Fully random

Editing a Custom Drill: Press and hold on the drill number you want to edit.  It will open a table with the following settings: horizontal placement, speed, spin, height and feed rate.

The settings can be different for 6 sequencial balls (6 rows in the table) or you can choose the setting you want for all balls in the ALL box.

Horz – horizontal angle from 1 (far left backhand) to 20 (far right forehand).

Spin – set a negative number for backspin, and positive for topspin (from -9 to 9).

Height – low (1) to high (50)

Speed – from  1 to 20.  Note high spin rates slow the ball speed down.

Feed – this is the time interval between balls from 1 (long time) to 10 (short time)

After selecting the desired values press SAVE.

Charging:  Charge the battery immediately after each use.
A fully charged battery lasts 2-3 hrs and it takes 8-15 hrs to re-charge.

Put the ball machine in the cage and ensure it is turned off. Plug in the charger and turn on at the wall.  The red light on the bottom right of the charger should show it is charging.  When fully charged the light will turn green. 

When the charger light is green un-plug the charger from the machine. If left over charging it will reduce the battery life.