Howick Tennis Club was first established in 1902 on land owned by Howick Borough Council, using a shed as its clubrooms. We advertise, provide and promote our products and services to our club members.

Howick Tennis Club is a friendly local club and provides great facilities with 6 all weather astro turf courts with floodlights and a recently upgraded clubhouse.
From the outdoor viewing deck, club members have a good bird-eye view of the courts.

The club has a membership of approximately 300 Junior, Intermediate and Senior players.

Howick Tennis Club is conveniently located in Howick, just a 5 minute drive or walk to the Howick Shopping Centre to meet the needs of people in Howick Village and surrounding area. We are adjacent to the Howick Domain, Howick Junior Athletics Club and Howick Rifle Club.

In the early years the scenes at the club would be been very genteel with players in long skirts, long trousers and using wooden racquets.

Today the game has become much more competitive. The racquets are high-tech and players wear branded sportswear. The pace can be furious and when play finishes there are refreshments available from the club’s bar.

For prospective members, the club offers the first 3 sessions at no charge, so you can try before you join.

Club History

 1902 Howick Tennis Club was first established.
Men wore white trousers.
Ladies wore ankle dresses and wide brimmed hats.
Temporary court opposite existing site.
 1903 Courts 1 and 2 laid as grass courts.
First pavilion built on Wellington Street.
 1915  Court 3 laid in asphalt.
 1930  First pavilion destroyed by fire.
1931 Second pavilion built behind Court 3.
Courts 1 and 2 sealed in asphalt.
 1949 Howick Tennis Club was registered as an Incorporated Society.
 1957 Courts 4 and 5 laid in asphalt.
 1959 New clubhouse (single storey) built.
 1967 Floodlights installed on Courts 3, 4 and 5.
 1974 Upper storey lounge added to clubhouse.
 1977 Floodlights installed on Courts 1 and 2.
 1982 Synthetic grass surface laid on Courts 3 to 5.
1984 Synthetic grass surface laid on Courts 1 and 2.
 1989 Court 6 constructed
 2001 Major renovations to clubhouse. Deck extended.
 2002 100th Centenary celebrations.
2007 All 6 courts resurfaced
 2012 New volleyboard constructed